Below is the first edit of the start of the story about the last the posts picture – I wish to explore the world of the nudie run and the streaker – take a different veiw and explore the feelings behind what it means to expose yourself to others. Be the only naked person in a room, or even to be singled out in a crowd of nudes. What do you feel, how do you react and why it feels like that.

Michael called us all together; he was always the leader always the one we followed. I do not mean that in the puppy dog kind of way, he just had that glint in his eye, that smile that you knew no matter what – what ever he said next would end up being fun for us. I suppose he had that leader quality that makes men run over trenches towards the enemy machine gun – just because he asked them to, because he believes in them.

This was one of those times.

‘Well boys’ Michael began ‘it’s time we lost these and went out to face our fate’. With that he slipped a thumb into the front of his speedo’s waist band and pulled them down. I remember thinking if he is doing this then so can I. I think most of the others in the team had the same thoughts, because soon enough there was a squad of boys all naked with big grins on their faces.

I suppose we ended up in this situation because we trusted Michael, we believed that we would win the bet. Alas in all contests it was the best side on the day, and the girls won the most medals at the regional swim meet. You see Michael and Terri are going out and I suppose it might have been Michael’s big mouth or Terri’s teasing but either way we ended up in a competition with the girls’ squad to see who would get the most medals at the meet. The loser, being us in this case, would do one whole training session nude while the other team wore their suits as usual.

I could have been angry because of the bet, I could have been scared ( and I probably was – I think most of us where, even the girls) but is was also an adventure and I suppose it sparked in me something that I latter got the realise about myself and my feelings. I took pride that we all walked out of the change rooms together, a united front. Michael the gallant leader took point and grin in place stepped out into the gawking girls.

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