New Music – Old Tastes

I went on a Wikipedia search the other day… as you do. I ended up at Roger Taylor page. The drummer of Queen, you know that great rock band of yesteryear, A fantastic musician and I suppose one of the reasons that I took up drums with such a fever in my youth. Him and others that I will get around to talking about at some stage I am sure…
Anyway i digress, I always knew that Roger had formed a side band “The Cross” at some stage during the Queen era – something I think they all did at some stage, Freddy and Brian with there solo stuff, not so sure about John Deacon – I think he is a very close family type of person and maybe he was happy with the fame from Queen and just to live with that… Anyway I have no idea so we’ll leave it at that.
What I found out on Wikipedia was that Roger had a few solo albums starting with his first solo album “Fun In Space” in 1981 – he had a single at some stage before that. So intrigued as I am about Roger I went to iTunes and downloaded the album.
It is a little slower then I expected ( The Cross – from what I have heard – where a lot more rocker then this) Roger plays all the instruments on the album and sings through-out. His producer helped a bit with some synth or keys but this was mostly just Roger – unlike later Cross stuff where other where given co writing credits. I suppose I have to also remember this was early 80’s and a different sound was around then.
The album has some really experimental tracks on it and a few really cool drum work – as you would expect. I also liked Rogers vocal capabilities (probably because it isn’t always perfect but it has a growl to it) My favourite tracks after the two listens this morning…
Magic is Loose – Very early feelings of the “It’s a Kind of Magic” album Queen will write later in the 80’s. something about the way it builds up and is pop but still verging on something else. Roger’s voice is brilliant in this funny little song.
Interlude in ConstantinopleSynth and effected vox. makes me think of a soundtrack for a space opera movie. Something like Dr Who… then it just ends… funny
Airheads – Ah here is the rock number, thundering drums makes you want to turn it up to 11. Cool guitar riff, “people round here.. call me an airhead..” typical Roger lyrics straight to the point and direct. Love it – reminds me of the “I’m in Love with my Car” Queen song – penned by Roger
Fun in Space – If Interlude was Space opera THIS is the blockbuster and cult classic like 2001 – A Space Odyssey.
Such discoveries are still out there, finds of music and talent that I sometimes think are all gone. Nothing else can make me smile as much as music drifting me off to some special and secret place. I really want to grab some of The Cross as well, iTunes does not have it – next time I go to the big City I will search for something to make me dream again.
Good bye for now I drift off to my world in space and mind…

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