Maybe There is Hope

Polish man awakes to find Communism gone! In shocking news straight from the presses at the ABC a Polish man who after an accident was left in a coma has awaken to find that Communism is gone from his homeland.

The report does not say that he longs for a return of meat rationing and vinegar tea, so I assume that he is happy with the current situation in Poland. I wish him all the best and hope that he awakes tomorrow morning being able to walk again.

I can see it now, hundreds of thousand of people all over the world are lining up to get put into comas just to avoid admitting that their current leaders are total smackheads. I know I have asked my Doctor to put me under but alas he cannot do so due to ethics and the like. I might look into travelling overseas like so many cosmetic surgery patients have – but I am not sure I need new breasts just yet.

Looks like I will have to wait until the next election and hope. Or move to New Zealand.

In other news Spain looks like the place to be for 2008! With Elvis on the Council and a new Nudist Pool opening in the Town Square Reus might just be THE place to BE.

Alas I am sorry to disappoint all the budding young reality show-files out there. But the Danish Reality show based around competitors battling it out for a chance to have a kidney was a hoax! How could TV have come so low as to LIE to us – the viewing public. I was hoping to be able to watch the losers die a slow and lingering death as the winner proudly showed off his new kidney. How could they do this?

That is all.

2 thoughts on “Maybe There is Hope

  1. Hey! There’s an idea I haven’t thought of. Maybe if I am unconscious until January 20, 2008, I will wake up and DubyaBush and all his evil minions will be gone.On the other hand, the aftereffects of a long coma — both neurological and physical — are not too cool. So I guess it is a tossup either way.


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