Thoughts on a Thursday

Well if you want to our little puppy (Cookie) doing the cutest things drop on over to Anjel’s Couch and have a look see.

I have been working on a project for the last month or so (at work) and it is now drawing to a close. So i have to think about what I am going to do after this finishes. At the moment I have 3 permanent days and 2 other because of this project – when this finishes I go back to just three days. My partner has just gotten full time work at her job going from 2 per week to 5 so money wise well be OK I just need to be able to earn to help us out and that makes me worried. I know that I am still OK the money I earn for my three days is actually MORE then what I used to get for 5 day in my previous job I just want to keep heading upwards and earn more. I think we need to start thinking about buying a house and such like things and we want to travel next year. So things like money are needed to do those things. Oh well just a little depressed at the moment, I suppose I should concentrate on getting the project done really well and impress everyone so that I get offered something more though that. Positive thinking!

I am working on the next installment of the ‘Yowie Hunt’ don’t despair! if you haven’t caught it yet go check it out here.

Constance and her beau came over last night for dinner and chats and we got on to the subject of “On the Road” and how neither of us could really get into it (the Wiki entry actually makes in more interested in the story then the book does). Constance recommended another beat writer Allen Ginsberg and gave me a link to his poem Howl part 1&2. I have skimmed the poem and do quiet like the style and the beat of it. I will endeavour to print it off or get a hard copy of it and really read it – on line stuff gives me an impression but I can never really get ‘into’ a piece by the glow of a screen – call me old fashioned but there you go.

Well I am off to get a hair cut and some lunch.

Have fun y’all… hehehe

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