Ok here goes from some shameless self promotion.
My Band – Stover – have a new website kindly created by our Bassist Dirk. I have the link over at the side if you wish to come see us anytime. We have all our lyrics on the site (you have to move the mouse over the image of the CD cover to click on the song) you can also listen to the songs on the lyrics page if you wish. I think Dirk has done a wonderful job on the site and it all looks and feels really good.
We also have links to various other stover-ish pages as well as places to by/listen to our music. For the citizens of the USA please goto CDBaby and you can either buy our CD from them or purchase MP3’s through there site.
Ok there we go – I didn’t even force anyone to buy anything! But if you want to that’ll be great!
Stover is a lot of fun to play with and be a part of, we are looking to get a few more songs out there at the moment and I will (you can be sure) let you know!
Oh I am also involved with a side project Bennie James Effect (ok I added the effect but the Bennie James bit is real!). Check him out!

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