Gaming Related Injury

More horror from the stupid and lame.

A US Doctor, yes I wrote Doctor, has become the latest idiot in a serious of idiocy since the creation of youtube. He claims to have created a new injury namely ‘Wiiitis’, because he hurt his shoulder play Wii Tennis for too long. I am sorry who the hell at the New England Journal of Medicine let this moron publish a letter on gaming related injury – and allowed him to state the term Wiiitis?? Hello WTF!! A JOURNAL allowed this through – oh please tell me this is one of those ‘joke’ letters that the editor makes a little comment on at the end – tongue in cheek kind of thing. I think enough stupid unskilled Gamers have done silly things when they should know better – to not have to make them more popular and create more attention to them by printing letters of there stupidity. OK Rant over!

On the other side I really like my Wii and I like the way I can play games such as Marvel Ultimate Alliance with my friends and Anjel – and that she doesn’t feel like she is being left behind because it IS a fun gaming system that is not too hard to master. I love the little mini games that come with the system, Zelda a little more of a challenge, and all the Virtual Console stuff really sells me. I can play Sonic the Hedgehog till morning and save it turn off the system and start again 3 weeks later where I left off… Brilliant!

Basically the system is easy to use, fun and most of all for me it is equally good as a single player system as it is for multi-player gaming.

I highly recommend it for anyone!

One thought on “Gaming Related Injury

  1. I think the current beauty of the gaming industry is this trend towards “games for all.” Games are fun and most everyone loves games, so why not make video games that everyone can play, rather than just catering to those who grew up inputting the Konami code?Three cheers for games for all! (Despite the fact that it also means games for the stupid.)


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