Remember This

A long time ago in a Galaxy not too dissimilar to this one. (OK about 3 months ago) a young man (yes compared to some at any rate) wrote a paragraph. He sent that paragraph along to another, who sent it on to another who sent it on to ____. Where it has laid ever since. It was suppose to come back to the young man (I am stretching this you know) where it would start the journey all over again. If we had got this under way we could have become famous writers. instead I get to use the story as a segue (what a stupid way to spell something that sounds so much different – I blame the french!) into an article on
At least it was all good for something.
Interesting idea though – I guess it was very well edited… umm just thought I should read the article before I comment in case I make up something terrible and cause you all to implode or worse – believe me…. brb
OK so the article is interesting and a good little interview with a budding author and his co-writer/partner. Favourite quote from all of that was:
Keep working, keep improving your work, write for the love of it, be realistic in your ambitions, get involved in your community. I believe in writing, as with life, you get back what you give out. Passion, commitment, perseverance will be your allies.
Something I believe in whole hearted – if I try to think that anything I write may one day be turned into money earning work I get crammed up and stop. Just remembering that I do it for fun and to entertain my friends makes it MORE worthwhile then not.

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