Long time between Drinks

This is more of a muse then my posts have been of late. I seem to been seeing a lot of things lately that have effected me in some way. My friends are having issues with finance and others are breaking up slowly (or getting back together I’m not sure which). I have been having dreams about people and a life I thought I had finally gotten over, and I keep seeing things that remind me of that life.
I suppose I just need to confront it head on and get the pain out of me again, but I seem to have no time to do that I am busy at work and I don’t want to ruin the happiness I feel at home. I am tired and a little lost atm. I haven’t been creative in over 2 weeks and it is killing me – but at the same time I just want to sit and let someone else be creative for me.
I need to deal with the issues I have in order to make sense of my life and get back into a place where I can be me again and have fun and be fun for those around me.
Round and round and round and round and round we go, where we’re going, no one knows!
Tonight I am just being me for a bit and working on things that i feel are issues and problems with me – and I am going to try to talk to my gf and actually get her involved instead of keeping it all inside – hence this post because if I don’t you can hassle me until I do… or delete this.
good night.

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