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19th century harpoon found in whale YES you read that right they found a 100 year old harpoon in a whale caught this year. There is still so much that we do not know about these creatures and yet still we needlessly kill them and make them suffer. OK I may be a hypocrite in that I still eat meat (quite enjoy it actually) but I do not like the senseless killing and blatant disregard of the general thoughts and feelings that people like the Japanese have. Admittedly that this whale was killed by the Alaska’s Inupiat people, in some kind of traditional manner which I won’t discuss here and now.
So we find out that this whale may be as old as 130 years and we still are happy as a World (not nations or even regions) to let countries go out and slaughter these animals for nothing more then desire to eat there flesh. We have enough food and I know we 1st world nations eat far to much of our share and yes we could reduce the amount of meat we eat. But still these are creatures who are intelligent and may very well be able to communicate and think amongst themselves – we just don’t know.

Still in the Asian region; Chinese surname shortage sparks rethink. I had no idea that there where only 100 surnames in Chinese. I mean I had the normal white European theory that they all looked alike (joke) but I didn’t know they all had a 1 in 100 chance of having the same last name. I suppose that would make things easier. Phone books could be divided into 100 easy sections, most adults would know how to spell every last name (no more ‘can you spell that please’ – my partner and me get that a lot, she more then me (2V’s 2 C’s – I’ll say no more!)).
As an aside to this article I kind of like the idea that parents can choose which surname there children take, mother or father, instead of the traditional European where the Fathers is chosen.

Judge sues for $64m over lost pants in an example of the over litigiousness in the USA. How can a justice system stay functional when those that are judging crime are responsible for such silliness. I think that this Judge should be made to pay for all the wasted court time and ordered to stand out side the shop apologising to each and every customer for at least the rest of the year. That is after he is thrown out of his job! I on one hand know when I am out done, look here and see what real anger can make you post! Not that I agree with all this guys comments I might be convinced to send a turd in the mail to the Judge just for kicks! This place has some good comments at the bottom of the post. OK enough of stupid Judges on to bigger and better things.

Australia needs fibre to the home and no I have not suddenly begun to think about your daily fibre intake – although I suppose you should eat more fibre, it makes me regular! I mean the sort of fibre that makes the Internet come alive and really be faster then dial-up! Fibre to the Home or to the Node (FTTH, FTTN) Apparently we have to choose very soon.
Why should I want FTTH well this paragraph just about sums it up

We should choose FTTH. The FTTN model requires Telstra’s copper to join homes to the node. Aside from technical limitations, this would give Telstra an effective monopoly. Prices would remind remain high and innovative uses would be stifled.

For too long have we struggled under the weight of this enlarged doona, tell us what we want and for too long has the Federal Government stood aside and let this happen. I remember I wrote to Senator the Hon Helen Coonan, about my fears and thoughts on the availability of fast Internet in Australia – I got a form letter back in reply saying that the government was doing all it could… well Senator here is something you can do – support FTTH and remove the virtual monopoly that Telstra has! If you wish to add your support to FTTH or other thoughts on the Internet and communication send an email to and have your say.

OK that ends my Rant for this week – or at least today.

I hope you have happiness thrust upon you all! Good night.

One thought on “News Links and comments

  1. Hey there! Lots of good stuff recently, I see.Sorry to hear you’re feeling down. Sometimes, no matter how far we have come, our past rises up and bites us in the butt, like a dog that we thought was friendly until we turned our back on it.Anyway, be strong, and do bring the g/f in on your issues. Keeping them bottled up is really unhealthy, and sharing them can actually strengthen your relationship.Okay, enough new age psychobabble. I was pondering a blog entry on the whale harpoon thing myself. It just boggles my mind to think that the whale survived one attempted harpooning, and then BAM! 130 years later, deja vu. The whole commercial whaling thing makes no sense at all to me, anyway. It is not as if the countries (Japan! cough cough) that have commercial whaling actually need the whale carcasses for any sort of subsistence. It just seems a gross sort of way of saying “We’re gonna do whatever we want! Nyeh nyeh nyeh!” And the fact that the claim from the Japanese is that they are whaling for “scientific research” just galls and appalls me.Forgive my long-windedness. Later!


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