More Music

OK I have been very musically focus this last week or so and if you are not into that… well sorry this is my Blog and I write what I want…

Ian Astbury (from The Cult) is doing some vocals on the new UNKLE album due for release later this year. The first single from that forth coming CD – War Stories – is “Burn My Shadow”. I think this is the best song I have heard this year (aside of course from the new stuff from Stover – but as they are only performing them live atm I guess this will have to do as far as recorded songs go!) There is something about Ian voice that brings back memories of the 80’s and good Goth Rock bands. His sound is so unique and fits in well with the UNKLE track. I have seen from the track listings that Ian sings on another song on the album so it might be worth getting the album and taking a chance on the rest of the tracks.

I recently bought the new Air album Pocket Symphony just because it had a few tracks with Jarvis Cocker (formerly with Pulp, now solo) and that album has some great non Jarvis songs on it. Of course I did like Air before I bought the album it was just the addition of Jarvis that tip me over.

So if the past is anything to go by I should grab this new UNKLE album just because it has Ian on at least a few tracks. I’ll let you know if I do get it…

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