Good news

Yes I have good news at last from the news centre, the jerk-off judge who sued a dry cleaners has LOST his case and will have to pay court costs.

What with Paris out of Gaol it seems to be a great week… here for exclusive footage!

Well mostly! (cue drum roll)

India, that source of all things good and wholesome (at least food wise), has the new best way to beat poachers… sic your croc on them!

But Mr Banerjee says large crocodiles leaping out of the water to attack prey or capsize boats and canoes are proving to be a good weapon.
“Unlike guard dogs, crocodiles cannot be tamed and are ferocious and can attack anyone in the swamps,” he said.

So beware would be poachers – I bought a croc and I’m not afraid to use it…

“Release the Crocs”

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