Story time

OK so I’m not usually into the sort of stories my other half reads, romance with a touch (ALOT) of horse stuff involved (no not that! just events and the like – dirty mind you have). They don’t interest me – not because the stories are bad (although I think she gets her fair share of bad ones) just that I am more into Fantasy and Sci-Fi – So when Anjel Pony started a new blog just for her serialisation of her horse novel. I thought “well I will go along and support her.” Not expecting to become involved with the story, not expecting it to grab me in any way – just to enjoy her creative efforts and offer support.

But I was wrong.

It’s not so much that I like the idea of stories about horses and horsey things, it’s that the characters in the story are real, which is something that I strive for in any of my writing. Anjel has captured her characters, flaws and all. It is easy to step into the minds of the characters and understand them in some way.

I know that this story comes from experience that Anjel has had, and I think it is a great way to write. Use your own life and experiences to tell a story. I think this is going to be something that I can come to and read – get an inside into her mind – and also to enjoy the characters and what ever will happen to them.

Go here to read the Prologue or here to her main page.

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