Monday Photo Shoot – Crowds

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Get a picture of a crowd or crowded event. Conventions, weddings, parties in cramped spaces — you know, anywhere there’s lots of folks doing something.

I had to really go searching for this one – didn’t think that I had any, when I stumbled upon this little gem. It was taken a few years ago at a Radiohead concert in Sydney. I got pre order tickets – that ended up being at the back wall – literally… so much for pre-order !! So I took my digital camera along to see what I could get didn’t think much would turn out but the lights make for a good contrast etc… Then they did a huge Blue explosion of colour and I managed to capture it and the crowd!

I am kinda excited about finding this because I am off to see the Cure on the 10th August, they are my all time favourite band… and this probably will be the last time they come out here… It will be on at the same venue as this concert but I tickets in Section 9 (My favourite section!!) Does having a favourite section at a music venue mean that you go to too many concerts… or just a more discerning music goer??

4 thoughts on “Monday Photo Shoot – Crowds

  1. Ooh, nosebleed territory. Which one of those ants is Thom? Nice photo, though.Also, nice choice of music. Little known fact: Heart, while American by nationality, actually got their start, and first big break, in Canada. Yay, us!


  2. Ok, now that you’re scratching your head wondering what the pigtail yanking brat I’m talking about, let me apologise. I thought your blog was playing the song “Alone,” by Heart. Turns out it was another blog I didn’t realise I had open in another window.Um…yeah…duh!


  3. hahaha I was wondering but then again I am use to Canadians… we get them in a work all time. (I work for a tourist office) I must say I like most of your country men/women… infact there are not many overseas tourists who are anbything but nice. Thom is in the middle of the stage… somewhere, he had a piano which he bashed quite a bit!Thanks for dropping by!Dal


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