Criminal Resturants

This was one of the top stories in the local news bulletins tonight

The Chili’s restaurant at Wollongong is being investigated by the NSW Government and the Workplace Ombudsman, Nick Wilson, after it was accused of asking staff to pay the bills of customers who left without paying.

Not only have ex-staff mentioned things like the above but they have said that they have been told to start there shift at say 5pm but not sign on until customers come – management making them stand/sit around for up to 45 mins, not being paid and not being able to leave.
Such things can not be allowed to happen – I know that I will not be going back to a place like Chilis.

Here in Australia we have recently had a major change in our industrial Relations Laws, which now make it possible for employers to have employees sign individual workplace agreements, curtailing the Unions and the agreements that they have traditionally made with workplaces. The Unions in Australia have been one of the best methods of protecting the rights and conditions of our workforce – if we loose them then we risk losing all our rights as employees and becoming nothing less then slaves to employers and big business.

If places like Chilis can pull the wool over the eyes of young employees and make them do things like not clock on (even though there roster says they start at X time) and pay for such things as ‘walk-outs’ (which is surely the managers responsibility) we will end up in a society that allows more and more corruption and a degrading of the rights of the workers.

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