Listing away those jobs…

I got this one via John Scalzi at By The Way a great little article on

How to Actually Execute Your To-Do List: or, Why Writing It Down Doesn’t Actually Get It Done

I am sure that we have all been there and experienced this, you have a list of things to do and no motivation to get any of them done, then at the end of the day you are stressed and annoyed with yourself because you have done nothing and still have the list in front of you.

I find that without a list I forget what needs to be done – so I use the list as a guide to make sure that I at least remember what needs to be done… somethings don’t need to be completed urgently other things might need to be done to a time frame – either way I have that satisfying moment when I can cross of items and move on… If there are more items crossed off then left on – I have had a good day.

Funny thing to note here is that I even put “fun” things on my list, for example today’s list is:-

*Vacuum floors
* Mop floor
* Do 1 load of washing
* Empty Bins
* Clean out microwave
* Play WoW

And tomorrows list has the all important

* Do anything you missed from yesterday

hehehe Hope I can get through today with nothing passing over to tomorrow so I can have a day off household stuff and build that puppy fence I promised to do…

Have a good one

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