Well Someone has to… Right?

Well little Miss Connie is having a small break I suppose it falls down to me to mention this article I found on our local State Newspaper site…

The fear and the misunderstanding is abundant due to Mr Potter and his magical friends. I don’t have the knowledge of Miss Connie but it would seem to me that this article is fueling more fear about the “evil” occult books series and the influence that it has on our children.

At least this article asks for the other side, getting an interview with a Pagan who rejects the idea that Children would be welcomed into a coven and taught all they needed to know. But in my opinion the article seems to push the idea that Harry Potter will influence more interest into the Occult and that that is a bad thing… Well I guess they are right in one sense, if more books are written like the ones reviewed at Spooked, then yes it is a bad thing. But if people are interested in looking at the history and the beliefs behind a religion like this then I support it. People need to have the ability to look at things like belief and theology in an objective manner and asked to argue against it, push the boundaries and see if they like it, believe it, understand it and even want to be what it represents.

If there is honest debate about these kinds of things we would all grow and learn something, the knee jerk reaction is not only going to push children’s excursions into the Occult underground, but make it harder for them to find out the truth, and we all know what lies tells us.


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