AVG Broke my WoW

I thought all hell had broken loose the other night… my worst fear, a Trojan on my PC.

“Oh noes” I cried to the Gods of PC protection, “Please, please make it go away” The error message from AVG told me that in my WoW files there was a Trojan pretending to be a WoW sound file – the hide of it all.

So off I went like a good boy and ran just about every anti-stuff program I had… I even did a Windows Update, just to be sure (not sure why but I was lost in the heady clouds of fear and terror brought about by the threat of VIRUS)

After all the anti-stuff programs had finished, purged my poor machine of the malicious nastiest I went to run WoW…


I clicked it again, up pops the loader, hit play…



So after much contemplation and thought (a day later) Frank suggested I run the repair.exe in the WoW directory (before I uninstall and re-install WoW) – Thank the Gods that one worked!! I can play WoW again… but what of the Trojan… did I kill it? Did it wreck my WoW loader? Was it to blame for all this?

It would seem not.

AVG did it! Yes that is right Grisoft’s anti-virus software program killed my much loved WoW. A False Positive they call it… a False Positive… They thought that WoW was bad, evil and nasty… How can AVG sleep at night? How can it heartlessly murder my WoW and sit back and say… “ops False Positive… Gotta watch those ones… hehehe”

Of course WoW is so terrific that it rebuilt itself, pulled the broken limbs back together and reformed into bigger and better WoW… but it was the guardian, the safe guard of all things (at least on my C, D and E drives) that was the culprit, not some evil Trojan thought up in the mind of a drug abused 13 year old – who was told he couldn’t play WoW because it was a school night (it could happen – right?).

Joystiq told me the news today… I will now have to sit in judgement on what I shall do to AVG in response to this most horriffic of crimes…

I weep for the millions that have had similar problems and for the few that probably did a full re-install… you will never get those gaming hours back… I trully weep for you.

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