Games games games

OK folks here is my new ‘puter gamin’ list!

First up is a little number I downloaded today and YES even finished – the demo version – today as well (OK so you can only get to level 7 and that took all of an hour or so… but still!)

Puzzle Quest is the must have for all the old retro style gamers – Gem puzzle game mixed in with a bit of old style RPG action = Awesomeness in my book. Go here for the home page and here to download… have fun! Warning VERY addictive…

Second up is an upcoming release I know I am excited about and a few friends of mine are looking to buy a Wii JUST for this game…

To Quote from Gamedaily

Gamers don’t buy this game for Wii. They buy a Wii for this game.

What game is it I hear you ask… Resident Evil 4. Go here for more info!

Looks like the next few games head our way are going to be fun and so what scary…

Have fun!

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