OK I had lunch with a friend of mine yesterday and we got on to talk of games and the console war and all that jazz. Now I am looking (wishing) to own one of the more powerful next gen consoles in the coming future the choice is whether I go for a 360 or a PS3. We chatted about the benefits of both and I must say that I agree with Dazza and believe that the main reason to buy SHOULD be based on the Games that are on offer and which console will meet the needs of the games that someone like me has. To that end I have been looking at the games on offer.
And I found BIOSHOCK I have yet to play a demo but this looks like one fun and full on games something that I could really enjoy. And the 360 has some other features and games that I really do like – but then again so does the PS3 and with the deals going around at the moment both of them seem like a good buy.
Not that I have any money to buy either – so this is all just some kind of fantasy and I am enjoying the thought of maybe one day getting my self all sorted to be able to purchase one of these systems.
Oh well!
Nuff said

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