Resident Evil 4 – Wii

OK so I have become a little game Obsessed at the moment… It must be the cold weather and the extra time I have from work atm… I need something to do with my days and gaming seems like a good idea. Hey at least I am not wondering the streets – although I could really get into writing – which I do plan to do – Scratch that I WILL TOMORROW write at least something.
Anyway I was going to write about RE4 for the Wii which I bought on a whim last week and BOY it is cool! Very much a FPS (First Person Shooter) with a little bit of a difference and that comes through the Unique Wii controller. You can aim with the Remote and you move with the Nunchuk – but it all seems so much easier then say when I played Bioshock the other day on the Xbox 360 – is that me or is it the Wii controls? I can’t answer that without further study. But friends of mine whom have played all the RE games for the PS2 said straight away that this version was faster (in turning) and possibly more easier to play due to the aiming and use of the controllers.
So what do I think? Well the story line is really good and the games play really well although I sometimes get a bit arressive and shoot too much and run out of ammo! I think that sometimes I am suppose to just run or what for a timed cut scene – I guess I just have to realise that I canna kill them all – they just keep coming!!!
So what will I give the game being that I am only up to chapter 3 – 9/10 atm – that could go up as I get further into the game.
Anyway If there is one reason to buy a Wii then this is the game !!! It does everything that the Wii is capable of doing and offer the best type of game play that the system offer – in the realm of hardcore gaming that is.

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