OK so normally I am not like my good blog friend Jeff a Ranter… well mostly I am not – but today I will be!!!

I was in the City earlier in the week – we spent two days there while my better half was doing a course for her work – all good there I spent one day walking around the shops at the biggest Shopping Centre in Australia !!! Whoa – only problem was it is so hard to find your way around I ended up going past the same shops half a dozen times and probable missed out on heaps that I never saw… stupid shopping Centres!

Anyway the next day I planned on seeing a friend of mine approx 30 minute drive from Anjels course… So I dropped her off and headed off to Dave’s…

IT TOOK ME 1 HOUR 30 to get there… A WHOLE hour extra then it should have – and why???

Because some nutjob told a bus driver he had a bomb in his luggage!! A nutjob that looked from the top a lot like Dan Rutter… but the less said the better about that… I hope that wasn’t you Dan I would be very disappointed!

So OK I had to go a detour and the police where very good at setting us up to go a different way and avoid the potential explosion! Go Police yay! (seriously they where very quick to set up alternative routes and direct the traffic etc)

So in order to go the alternative route we had to merge lanes – all good and well. The cars in front of me did the proper and polite think of one car move one car in one car move one car in… except the RUDE IGNORANT SO FAR UP HERSELF SHE IS THE RIGHT WAY AROUND woman who pushed in behind me to take the spot the truck was making for me. AND if that wasn’t RUDE enough another driver (female as well NOT that I think that is the reason why) pushing in FROM THE OTHER LANE – THE LANE THAT DID NOT HAVE TO MERGE AT ALL. Thank fully the nice truck behind them still let me in to the spot he was making for me. A Big thank you!

When we are all in a difficult situations such as these circumstance the BEST in people should come out – like letting people merge easily, waiting your turn, and understanding that we are all in a rush or late but there is NOTHING that you can do about it. So sit back relax and be patient.

This makes me welcome the fact that our rush hour here revolves around school times and in over in 30 mins… flexible work hours fixes that for me…

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