Something to think about in our short lives – they don’t even know how long this clam ‘could’ have lived! If only it could talk!

The ocean quahog clam was dredged from the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Iceland.
Researchers from Bangor University worked out the clam’s age by counting the rings on its eight-and-a-half centimetre shell.
The clam’s life started in 1602, when Queen Elizabeth I was still on the throne of England, and William Shakespeare was in his prime.

This comes at a strange time as I am reading Heinlein’s Time Enough For Love, the story about Lazarus Long the man who is over 2,500 years old. So what would you do, could you do in all that time?

Imagine knowing that time was not fleeting anymore that you can learn what ever you want to survive and thrive no matter how long it took and still have time for all the other things – or will you learn that none of that matters and it is living in the present RIGHT NOW that is really the most important…

Thought for the day… do you think you would cope with eternity?

I don’t think I would – I would have used the suicide button long before… especially if everyone I knew and loved had gone away… or I would be so set in my ways that no one could ever be expected to ‘fit’ into my life…

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