Last week i got a job offer for a short term contract at the main admin building for the Council I work for… I took it.

The contract is for 4 days a week in the executive support section, minutes, meetings, advertising and other admin stuff. It is all very interesting and I do enjoy the new work – I can see though that Admin stuff really sucks as “everything is the same, just different” is my new mantra. Oh this committee is the same as the last one, just different… I would prefer to be a dictator and just say this is the way it goes DEAL with it! But I canna as I am too low down… but just you wait… yes one day I will be the all powerful one who will say when all meetings are held and pooey to everyone else.

I still maintain my original job of 3 days a week (Fri, Sat Sun)… which means I now work 7 days a week until mid January. Which is all good as in the Christmas week the Admin Building is closed until after New Years…

I also agreed weeks ago to work over Christmas for the Manager at the Visitors Information Centre (where I do the 3 days) so that means I will have Christmas Day off (V.I.C is closed) and I think New Years Day… so that is two days off until January 21st.

Oh and we are moving into our new house on the 16th… so I got that day off work (up to three days off). We also need to paint the house after we get the keys on the 6th Dec… so we will have 9 days or so to paint the inside before we move in. Oh and we need to finish packing and getting everything ready and I need to get EVERYONES Christmas presents and such.

I think I might just forgo sleep for the next month and see how all that works out. At least we will not have to stress too much about money if I am working more!! Anji gets a few weeks off at Christmas so that’ll help.

I am off to bed now as I think that I need to have save up some sleep for the weeks ahead. At least the play is nearly over only 8 more shows to go (I only have to be at 6 of them Anji at all as she is in it – I am doing sound FX for the night performances).

Oh so if I am not around in the coming weeks please don’t despair I will get back into the swing of things again soon!

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