I am at work today… like every other day ๐Ÿ™‚ not that I am complaining – I thought to myself the other day was I working only to have bragging rights to complain about it?!?!?! Sometimes I worry that I do things only to have the opportunity to complain about it. I don’t trust me on that – I do things A) because I canna say NO B) I really worry about money and having not enough C) I don’t actually dislike working… Anyhoo this was not what I was writing about.

I nearly feel asleep at work today in the small lunch room we have here (more like a coffee cubicle!). I went in and made my sandwiches, got the paper and read and ate, taking my time to have a relax when I felt my eyes drop, and my breathing get shallow, and I thought “Crap I am about to fall asleep!!” So I got up and went back out to work early just so I would not sleep.

We talked about that for a bit and I remembered I had seen somewhere people having power naps at work and I thought would that be something useful to me? So I wiki’d it and it might be a useful tool especially as I am a little busy atm.

  • Caffeine nap
    A caffeine nap
    is a cat-nap that was preceded by the intake of a caffeinated beverage such as coffee, tea, or an energy drink. A caffeine pill can be used as well.
    To be most effective you must take the source of energy quickly and be able to fall asleep within minutes afterwards. Otherwise the energy source will begin to work and will prevent you from falling asleep. With this in mind, the energy pills will get absorbed slower than the energy drink and might be the best choice.
    Once asleep the energy source will begin to enter your system and will wake you up in the normal time frame of a cat-nap (20-30 minutes). Once woke you will have the energy from the nap and a boost from the energy source as well.

This interests me the most – hehehehe Caffeine and sleep in the same step!!! Occurs I would then need to find a place to sleep at work…

In the mean time I am using the time old system of burning the candle at both ends whilst in taking large quantities of caffeinated beverages. Of course this has the side effect of making me a grumpy bum – but in the interest of the capitalist lifestyle we live in – I AM A GOD!!!

Thank you good night…

One thought on “Lunch

  1. The perfect place to cat nap at work is in your car. Lean the seat back and collapse. I used to nap away my fifteen minute breaks at work this way (and it was kind of like the caffine nap you mentioned). I’d slam down about half a caffinated soda, go to the car, set my phone’s alarm and be dead to the world for 15 minutes — when I woke up, I’d be raring to go!


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