Behind the 8 Ball

Here are a couple of links for you fans out there…

Lolthulhu yes you read that right… go see NOW

When in doubt or when you need a question answered… go here ask and you shall recieve. Remember to SHAKE the ball do not just click…

Just been looking at some sites and I found a few links so enjoy them… have and am…

News on internet… we has it!!! WooT ofcourse that would be better if my computer was now not at the repair place (my friends house) getting a re install and re build – but hey when it gets back I can gets on the nets at home. ATM we (Anjel and I) are sharing a ‘puter so no joint WoW is occuring and that makes me sad… By the time I get back on the next expansion will be out! HA

Work news I start another short term contract for 8 weeks although this time I will be only working 5 days a week not 7 like last time and this position my even turn into a perminant Mon- Fri job so I can give up the weekend work and Anjel and I can have a day off together … scared? Hell yeah!!!

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