OK this is for real – I have been swimming… like doing LAPS at the pool!!! Shock horror eeks (etc)

Dazza and I were talking the other week – both trying hard to suck in our guts when we realised that we should not be doing that at our age and that we really should not even have these guts… So the question was how do we get rid of them…


Running – Yeah right…
Dieting – Yeah right…
Swimming – Hey I can swim, Dazza can NOT drown whilst moving forward (sort of) Hmmm maybe we should… yeah lets think about that…

“Did you two say you where going to start swimming” Dazza’s other half asked… OMG she heard us…

“Ummm maybe…” I replied weakly

“You should!” she looked at us waiting for the affirmation. I struggled to come with something to get us out of it. I was too late… “I’ll Google the opening times…” she turned to her laptop and started typing…

Suddenly we where stuck, locked in, unable to escape the fate that laid before us… We would have to go swimming.

Deciding to meet in the morning of my next day off I went home thinking of ways to get out of this knowing that I really shouldn’t yet scared to think maybe I really won’t be able to make it one length of the pool… I awoke that morning with dread as I dressed and packed my bag for the pool – I dug out my old goggles and towel grab some shorts to change into (I wore my boardies to the pool) and drove to Dazza’s. He was ready and pumped for the morning session… I was excited by his general demeanor of slightly scared and anxious state of mind, maybe he was a worse swimmer then me.

I was proved right…

We choose to swim in the 25m indoor pool, a) it was heated and warmer, b) it was indoors therefore less people would see us… (wrong on point b as Dazza’s classmate was the lifeguard of duty when we arrived – yet part a it was warmer and a nicer place to swim). So off went our shirts to show off our manly bulging bellies… then quick into the water.

We played about for the first little while getting used to moving in the water and getting the old muscles to move in some fashion… other then the mouse click and remote flick that they where currently being used for. Then we took the PLUNGE… we started to swim a lap.

Shock horror dismay … I DID IT!!! I swam a lap and did not drown nor stop and walk – a whole LAP of the 25m pool – I will leave what happened to Dazza to Dazza… I dare not write it here… save to say that at the end of the session Dazza had swam 3 complete laps by the end of the morning (Go Dazza Go!!).

And do you know what! We went back and did better then before…

I feel really good – dunno if my belly is shrinking but I guess that takes time… at least I have gone back and tried again and Dazza even swam better the second time.

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