Hey we got a payment from Apple iTunes… Woot… well OK our distributor got a payment from Apple iTunes… I guess we see that sometime into the distant future – but WooT anyway.

To Celebrate this achievement I have decided to put up some band pics for all you rabid fans… OK for Jeff who once asked (at least I think he did – remember people I am is a drummer)
Here we are the Battle of the Band… I especially like this one as you cannot see me… In the DARKNESS… but it is a good one of the other guys!

In this one I look kinda weird in the red light… and a little mad for some reason… maybe Starkey farted?

This is what happens to 12 strings around me… surprisingly enough my good mate Sam fixed it all better… I bought a case for it after the “incident” and I haven’t played it in years… too scared to tune the darn thing… (no I did not do this tuning it – I had an altercation with a chair… the guitar lost)
I think we need to get some more action shots… we have a gig on the weekend I will try to get a few more shots of the guys and maybe even one or two of me… wait and see

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