I am going on secondment… to my old job – but in a higher grade position! weird but true. I’ll be back at the Visitors Centre for the next 2 and a bit months being all managerial and even being able to pay bills and stuff – WoW that is the ultimate level of Power at Local Government… hehehe

But seriously it’ll be more money and right now that would be handy what with Weddings and such like although I am very grateful that our parents are helping out with a LARGE amount of that… (wipes brow)

For some reason today I have Pink Floyd on iTune (I upgraded to v8 and have started Genius – so far not overly impressed) I am slipping back into the world of Pink and I have the reoccurring memories of Uni days in Canberra. Some good some bad… Speaking of which I am going to a training session in Queanbeyan in November (a Friday) I even get to stay in a Motel the night before and then I am staying (they don’t know this yet so keep it quite) with friends in Canberra for the weekend and come back Sunday night… the joys of Government work – they don’t make you get up a 4 am to go to training…

Anyway this is more of a keeping you all up to date Blog not about anything too exciting… Chat later.

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