The Past

It seems sometimes life has a way of catching up on you when you least expect it to. Let me explain that…

I never really wanted to get a Facebook account – I hardly have enough time to keep up with friends and family that are in the same town as me let alone adding to it through virtual connections. But I have really gotten in touch with people who I thought where lost to the past, a friend from my first Uni days got in touch with me and even a guy I knew in High School, and even my Cousins from Tasmania… It probably helps that I have an unusual last name which is easy to find in the ether of the Internet.

So what do I think of this has this changed things for me are we planning to meet up in the near future? Well aside from my Cousins who I would like to invite to my upcoming Wedding I have no plans to meet up with anyone else – but I can at least send them a message from time to time and remember pasts that I though had been buried and forgotten (not that I mean to say the pasts are bad and need to be forgotten – far from it).

It makes me wonder if this is the new way of things – we no longer keep in touch the normal or traditional way we use these brief safe messages of text to keep “in touch” and to connect with people. Maybe one day we will only exist in friendships forged in text based relationships. Are we turning into Gibson’s future but far bleaker then he showed us? I mean even now I sms my friends “How are you doing?” knowing full well that things are not good with them but either I do not have the time or energy to ring or see them and face the extra questions and conversation. A text can tell me the smallest amount of info which will be the usual “Doin’ OK” easy for them as well as they don’t need to get into specifics and have to think about things and I get brownie points for being thoughtful…

From now on if I have something to really ask or say to someone I am going to ring them or (shock horror) drop in and see them. Lets at least see how long this goes for. Sms is great for “Meet for coffee at 10 – the usual place” but not for conversations… That is why we learnt to speak.

2 thoughts on “The Past

  1. Thanks for the comments on my blog, dude. Fans are always appreciated, except the ones who leave dead cats in the mailbox……speakin’ of fans, I listened to a few of your tracks on your MySpace page.‘Nude Avenger’ – classic tongue-in-cheek stuff there. Catchy tune too, which always helps. The final second sounds like ‘Stairway to Heaven’… ;o)‘My Reason’ – liked the sombre tone, but it stopped just when I thought you were gonna kick off with a flyin’ guitar riff! Maybe that’s just me though…Oh yeah, the Facebook thing? It’s great how it makes you feel the world ain’t so big after all.So yeah, coffee at ten?:o)


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