The Rumour of my death has been over rated… I survived the 4 days of Canula and even the next weeks 3 days of horrible-ness (you don’t want to know!! Trust me). I did however upset my lovely as she has never seen me sick – I don’t usually get ill but in this case when I did I really did… I think the 3 days off last week where the first in… well the first with this company and I have work here for 3 years… I canna remember being sick (well having time off work) This century… I might have… Any hoo!

Thanks Jeff for the thoughts and well wishes, I hope all your shit gets sorted and keep your chin up and shove the nasties off a tall building!

‘Cause It’s Friday and I’m in LOVE!!! ah Cure pop who ever needs anything more then that? Who? No one I tells you no one!

Well Scalzi week is well and truly over and I finished “The Last Colony” and “The Androids Dream” – TLC was brilliant and really made me wish I had spent the extra money and got the hardback of “Zoe’s Tale” when I was at Galaxy… but alas the funds are not there for such spendings… weddings cost too much (do I really need to wear a suit? Can’t a pair of Speedo’s cut it??). TAD was very different and reminded me of Asimov’s detective stories which I loved and might have to source out of the shelves of no return and re read… I am off to Canberra tomorrow for work I am doing a Trade Show set up Thursday work through to Sunday then home… I am spending Sunday night at my friends place in Canberra so I will get to do some socialising which will be nice I have yet to see there new place and am looking forward to seeing my good friend again – it has been too long. So that was going somewhere… oh yes I might be able to take some time to read an Asimov book as I will be without my lovely for the weekend I will have nothing else to do…

Whoa Genius has just gone from U2 to Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb… Talk about Canberra memories… I live in the Nation’s capital for three years… 18-21 drink drugs party music sex and baseball… oh and I did attend some sort of learning place for a period of that time… I have so many mixed memories from that time and sitting in a dark room with Pink Floyd on a candle’s flickering light highlighting the posters on the walls and celling of a 3x4m cell… I had long hair (for a time) I was sad lonely happy surrounded and I was at the best place in my life to that point. I found people like me and others that delighted and repulsed. Some I lived with some I slept with some I passed in the night like a ghost. I remember we dressed up as the crow (Brandon Lee) and a bouncer wouldn’t let us cross the road to his side… I frozen in winter and I melted in summer I found bars I followed bands and even one night was a mic stand after the other one broke… Kneeling in front of a lead singer who was screaming out his lungs and strumming his guitar… I got a few free drinks from that gig alone…

Now we moved on to Guns and Roses… talk about screaming… hahahaha Music has always brought me back from the edge of darkness and loud drums, powerful guitar and rough vocals always are the best for me…

I’ll sign off before this trip down memory lane makes me remember the bad times too… ❀ to you all.

One thought on “Rumours…

  1. Ah, nostalgia. And a Cure reference. The new singles give me high hopes for their new CD.Also, got a funny mental image of a lovely bride in a stunning dress, waiting for the moment when she walks down the aisle, only to see her fiance standing there in a speedo. Her reaction is best left to the imagination.


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