Star Trek Movie

I have been quite about this for many reasons, the least of which is I am a huge fan of the series and well basically this has a lot to live up to… a real lot.  Some of the casting is getting a lot of attention at certain fan sites and I for one am not going to comment until I see them in action…

So what about the Special Effects and the Ship design I hear you say.  Well what indeed.  I really believe that the retro style of the original series ‘should’ have been kept, it is after all set before that series and therefore should retain some of the feel and technology from that era.  I guess though this is aiming for a modern audience and not a fan pic for rabid Kirk-aholics.  I guess I am craving the retro style to appease some sick fantasy of mine!  You know salt and pepper shakers being used in the medical bay for some futuristic medical tool… real Sci-Fi in other words!

So here are some links to get a look at what is out there and to let you see for yourself what the fuss is about.  Of course I am interested in hearing Simon Pegg put on the “Scotty” voice – I love Simon Pegg he is a great actor and I think he will be stealing the scenes from that Nasty Captain Kirk!

To the links then…

Official Site


Simon Pegg News

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