Something evil this way comes

The Black dog is back, and this time he has brought friends. 

The pack is circling the wagon, it’s all I can do to keep them at bay, with threats of violence and waving my weapons in a feeble attempt to show strength.  The problem is I don’t know how to fight them, the weapons I have seem to only scare them off not hurt them.  They are testing me, pushing the hastily built fence and barrier of our only possessions searching for that weak point when they will rush in.  I know where they will head, I have seen it in their dark eyes. 

They want her.

She’s asleep right now, on the softest bedding I could find.  I sit awake watching and waiting for the pack to close in.  Checking the fence I made and making sure my weapons are loaded and ready.  I’m on edge ready for anything they can throw at me, but I know that whatever they do it’ll be the thing I least expect. 

Waiting for the fight and being worried that I may not have all I need to combat them all, rests heavy on my shoulders.  We need help, we need the cavalry to come riding in.  All we can hope for is morning to come and the bright light to scare away the pack for good.  Or at least for us to move a little further down the pass, closer to town and the help we need.

5 thoughts on “Something evil this way comes

  1. Ben, I gotta say, I love this. I just read it again, and the thing that strikes me is how perfect it is as a vignette, and how it just makes my mind race. What are those things out there in the dark? Every time I read this, I get different little stories in my mind of the main character, who (or what) “she” is, and oh! man! what are those things?Beautiful job.


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