Tea Club

There is a little cafe of sorts in my home town called the Tea Club which has grown from strength to strength in recent years.  I was friends with the original owners who ran the place with a combination of a friendly atmosphere and almost total disregard to business sense.  Needless to say it never made them millions, but they survived long enough to give the place a great name in Vegetarian food, Music and a totally relaxing place for a coffee (or Tea) in the heart of the CBD.  A leafy outdoor area, stage and miss-matched chairs and tables make the place like home (at least mine) and really easy going.  And now they have started to bring back live music, original live music.

To move to the real reason for this post we went to see my mates Bennie James and the Hesitant Few, along with Nick, who did a great solo opener and another band (who’s name I have forgotten) as well as a ring in from South Australia Huckleberry Swedes.  It was a great night – what more do you need then live music, wine, nachos and your baby by your side… Oh and we heckled the SA band but they were good humoured and joined in.

If you get a chance see the Swedes… they are very good

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