Is it over yet??

Our Christmas seems to always go forever – not that that is a bad thing it just means it can get a little tiring…

This year we started at Anjel’s family on Christmas Eve (which was fortunate that I could get the day off as they are down the coast a little ways). So we got the dogs packed and our gear and presents packed and headed down the coast.  First stop Anjel’s folk place, where we unpacked the truck had a coffee and the traditional fruit roll which is made by Mick (Anjel’s step-dad) then off the Glenda’s for the Christmas dinner. Before we left we went to feed the dogs and realised that we had left their bowls and food at home on the bench! Good thing Aunty Maggie (the old family dog) let them eat some of her food!

So we arrived at Glenda’s, lots of kiss kiss hug handshake Merry-ment. All the family on Anjel’s Mums side was there, we all chatted and drunk a bit and had a great evening.  I got to talk cars with Anjel’s cousins (one of which had just bought a second hand straight from Japan Skyline GTS… very nice – pity he has no licence (lost it speeding!)

Then we sat and ate – Pork Roast, Ham, Chicken and some vegetables… Yum! Oh and yummy Christmas pud!

We went home and Zac put out his Christmas List for Santa and we stayed up and drank my whole bottle of homemade Eggnog! Yum!

Zac got us up at 6.15am!! Which I was told was him being restrained as he awoke at 5.30am!!! There’s a 5am??? So we opened presents and had much enjoyment!!! Then breakfast, then a walk to the beach where we let the dogs go for a swim to fetch a stick (A Stick!!!) Henry was very excited and even Cookie got up to her chest but no deeper. Maggie ran along to the side I think she is too weak to swim now – poor old girl.

Then morning tea walk around the garden, then lunch! Then off home to see my parents on their way back from lunch with my sister and visit to my brother. The neighbours invited us in for coffee and nibbles and we all chatted and joked about then back home to rest and have a very light dinner!

Boxing Day was my families Christmas – we went to my brothers for lunch – we provided a large green salad and some coleslaw, Jim had Salt and Pepper squid, prawns, turkey, ham, potatoes and our salad! I piled it high!

But before lunch we opened presents and then laughed because Mum forgot to open hers as she was watching everyone else!

Then Mum did the traditional Christmas pud which she pours brandy over and sets alight!!! We love nearly burning down the kitchen in our family!

After lunch we went and looked at the 100 acres my Brother and Wife are buying – they have there house and 15 acres for sale. We drove up the road then down and other road into the new block – looked at the building envelope and went four wheel driving over the smaller section of the block (lots of bush with a good track through the trees). At the edge of the block we could see their current house! They will have the same neighbours just on a different side! Weird! But a nice spot and 100 acres!!! although it is mostly bush.

The next day I think we where shell shocked up we had planned to get Zac for a few days and take him to the Nowra Rodeo! which we did… we got rain on. A lot. I found out my jacket is not water proof – just a little resistant. So we left and ordered Pizza!

Now we are at today and Anjel and Zac are at the paddock having a ride on the ponies (not really ponies Wil is a thorough breed and Donna is a part draft horse) and I was left at home to try to fix my car and get the washing out on the line… I did the washing and realised I am not good at cars! I need a tool to get the battery out to try to charge it up… or replace it. Stupid cars!

Anyway take care and enjoy the season!



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