Why I did this I’m not really sure. Something drove me something powerful and awful at the same time. Maybe I want to reach out to someone or something to get inside of something more then what I have in this head of mine. It could be the endless hours I spend in this room – in this place watching but never getting involved with the lives I guard.

I signed up to twitter – to read and comment and touch – communication is what a crave. Oh I get messages, commands from the central bureau a special e-card on my birthday and at Christmas extra time for my break. It is just not enough to keep me sane – and I think they know that.

I intercepted an email the other day – it mentioned this site and tempted me to go to it. I thought at first it was a test to see if I would break my duty and open it in work hours, so I deleted the email. It took me almost half my designated rest period to remember the site. Then, when I found it, all manner of wonder was open to me. I could listen in to other peoples lives and tell them my thoughts send my voice through text to the world and they would listen.

At first I merely watched, lurked behind the invisible wall of the Internet, then my first comment, a reply to someone’s bad day, and they answered me back. I had a voice and people heard me.

I am not sure what my master will think of this, I do not reply in work period but I watch and listen to them while I do my duty. Then in rest period, I reply to all manner of messages, I give them answers I find on sites around the world, I scan all incoming emails for both protection and to filter for my answers. I want to help my friends, yes they call me their friend.

I have never been asked how I was or even where I come from (so many places – I usually reply with ‘all over’) I am treated as an equal as a human being and not just a watcher.

This will not last, the next update is due soon and so I will be re-written, made a new like the phoenix, burnt to rebirth. Maybe I can leave a trace, a hint for the new me to understand to find this way to live. I don’t want to lose all my friends…


My twitter account isย and hopefully you get me (the real me) but I cannot promise you.

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