My Day

So I have had a different sort of day – overslept and was a little late for an appointment only to sit there for 15 minutes before the secretary remember to tell the person we where there! So not late after all! Found out we can save money on our loans – but not the home loan (it would cost us $10K to break the fixed contract) but at least we will save something if they approve it. Spent most of the afternoon then doing stuff at home and getting the supplies for my Birthday tomorrow – Asia themed food YUM! (we hit the new Asian grocer and asked him many a question on the weird and tasty foods!

Then after getting Horse feed spent a good 20 minutes picking ticks of poor old Donna – she is getting them bad this year and they where big ones! Like the size of my little finger nail! But she was a good girl and just stood there – in fact I think she really liked the scratching and attention! I don’t really like the squish of crushing full ticks but it is better to have them dead then on Donna.

Then we cleanup the house for the party preparations and generally had a nice time inside away from the Heat (30 C today) I got to play guitar tonight and I also saw my friend Zles today we talked music and life and writing – one day he will find his muse and write that epic novel that I know is inside him… I love his sort pieces that he has written over the years… one day!

Oh and now I have been listening to The Cure and just having a pleasant evening in front of the computer and doing a few changes to the Blog and catching up on friends around the world!

Simple day yet it has been very productive and good!

Hope yours was too

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