Interesting Links

The first link today is about my past… or more accurately a great anime series I saw as a child. As apparently the builder of this masterful piece of Lego … the Space Battleship Yamato. BB Link and Brickshelf link


Up next is an article from Joel Johnson about the PSP – I have a PSP, pretty much my first portable gaming device – OK so I do also have a Nintendo Gameboy… but I was not serious about that I only got one game!

I bought the PSP as an investment to the future of gaming I thought this was going to be the one machine I could take anywhere and do so much with; movie, music, games and pictures. It can do all this, I am not saying that it doesn’t. It’s just crap at doing it. The game titles are uninspiring and as for all the other things well I did download a program to convert DVD’s for playback but after all the upgrades and add-on’s SONY has put a stop to that. Hey I would love it if I could put my electronic PDF’ed (obtained legally) books on it to read – but alas I canna even do that.

So now sadly my PSP sits in it’s hard case gathering dust – every so often I get it out charge it up, reset the date and time and have a crack and playing something only to reminded that although a brilliant idea and a great piece of hardware there are just so many more BETTER things out there. I really wish I had bought a DS instead.

Signing off for now!

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