One World, One Dream…

In response to this article by Wil Wheaton I wrote this

This sounds fantastic I always dreamed of a world where you could make mix CD’s in the store – now with aps like iTunes and eMusic you don’t need to burn a CD you can download the music you want.  Books are the same – why search every 2nd hand book store for that last book in that obscure series (or the US only new release of your favourtie author – Aussie here) when you could get a copy via POD. And I love the fact that movies are coming to the fun park.
My only gripe – both Music and Movies are restricted to zones for example I can’t buy anything from Warner’s site because I live in Australia. I can’t watch movies on demand because I live in Australia. When will these big corps realise that the world in connected – remove these stupid zones and let the market place be THE WORLD…

And I stand by it. With the internet and the breakdown of distance barriers big business should not be looking at small geographic markets but they should be thinking of the world as one giant market with different segments (and smaller ones in those). One system, one world, one fucking huge income stream…

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