Scary Youtube

This is such a scary ad – that people have this opinion in the ‘land of the free’ (I seem to hear rage against the machine’s line “you ever told you that is your enemy” after I typed that).  Via Boing boing have a gander at this.

Why are people scared of gay marriage (or unification or declaration of love or whatever) and how will it take away peoples freedom.

Words cannot describe how insane these campaigns are and for a country that is based on ‘freedom’ a land founded (at least the modern western part) on escape from persecution. I just hope that in the rapture (or whatever the hell it is) their God comes down and smites them for inequality and for not “loving thy fellow man”

One thought on “Scary Youtube

  1. Grrrrrrr…. I want to know how the threat to the family works. Does one straight couple have to divorce each time a gay couple gets married, or is it incremental?Anyway. I’m all for lovin’ my fellow men. Ahem.


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