Notice Something New?

I don’t suppose you would have noticed anything new with the site – but yeah I have added GoogleAdsense… not sure what this will mean maybe something maybe nothing – I guess if there is something that you like click away and I might get a little something for it! If not – I won’t be upset it is really only there to see what happens and it peaked my interest as a marketing student (we are always students even thought we might have a degree etc)

I have also place Danny Choo’s RSS feed at the top of the page – he is a great interest to me at the moment and I really like his stuff and what to help promote both what he has to say and my own interest in it. So check him out – no cash for that btw 🙂

I am also going to experiment with colour and other changes to the site so if things are different when you look back here for the next little while – I am sure to get bored with it at some point!


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