Short Post

Just a short post before I head to work.

We have seen a few movies in the last few days – firstly Wolverine: X-Men Origins in Sydney on the weekend. Great movie very impressed – I so want more… and we got more. On the way home I found out that Anjel has not seen the first 3 X-Men movies… not one of them!!! In order to fix that we watched 1 and 2 that night (I don’t own 3 so we’ll have to hire that one day)

While talking about Sci-Fi that Anjel hasn’t seen she then mentioned that she has not seen a single Star Trek Movie… Or Star Wars!! OMFG what have I done – I have married a Sci-Fi Virgin!!!

Thinking of the good parts of this… and it did take awhile for my brain to recover from the shock… I get to watch all these films again while educating Anjel… And that we have started.

Last night we went for Star Trek – The Motion Picture, some say the worst in the franchise I say it is probably the least understood and understandably so… Kinda like 2001 without Hal… Anjel was, I think a little unimpressed, However we followed that up with Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan – and we got Khhhhaaaaaaaannnnnn! and where impressed! This is such a TRUE Star Trek movie.


I think we can now watch Star Trek (2009) without any worry – then catchup on the other 9 movies at a latter date…

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