John Scalzi in the Wild

Well not John himself but a few of his books.

I managed to snap these at a bookstore near our hotel in Tokyo – I know I have a lot more to blog about the trip but this will have to do for a start.


Reading left to right – Old Mans War, The Ghost Brigades, and The Last Colony.


Me with The Last Colony – I did think about buying them, but as I have them already and in a language I can actually read I left them in prominent position for a Japanese reader to find and buy! I know that John has posted these on his blog when he gets Author copies of them, but I thought it would be nice to see them all together and the covers are really good… I wish all covers where done like this it makes the books look really exciting… not that they are not exciting to read… I’ll go now…

But before I do… here is the Gundam which was built in Odaiba in Tokyo… It is so fantastic and I am so glad we got to see it. As you can see from the people standing at the base – it is BIG… REAL BIG. make my little model (which I am yet to start building) look a little small compared… but a don’t have the room to have a 4 storey Gundam in my yard so the Gundam on the shelf will have to do!


3 thoughts on “John Scalzi in the Wild

  1. Yeah, I also had the same thoughts when I was in Japanese bookstores. I wanted to pick up some Stephen King, but The Wife wouldn't let me. Ok, so I can't read Japanese, but…

    It sounds like you have Transformer Envy there, Ben. You should see a doctor about that.



  2. It's not a Transformer!!!! Geee It's a Gundam your as bad as my Wife who calls it a transformer all the time!!!

    Would be good if I did read Japanese there books are soooo much cheaper (paperbacks) and real small – easy to take with you and read on the train!


  3. I was in a second hand bookstore yesterday and saw a Japanese copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I don't read the language, and have no immediate urge to read the series… but I still almost bought it!


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