Oh Yes!

Ironman Anime trailer – straight from Danny Choo via Dark Diamond (where there is a Trailer for Wolverine – highly recommended to check that out as well)

Lots of debate on Danny Choo about whether this American story should be called Anime – it is being done by a Japanese Animation house and is being branded as Anime. My thoughts – I have a blurred line on US Cartoons and Japanese Anime. To me it is the feel of the picture not where it is made and who makes it. If the story and the look are Anime then it is Anime no matter where the story comes from. I like the idea of one of my favourite Marvel Hero’s being done in an Anime style regardless of the fact that the story started in the US. My 10 cents!

One thought on “Oh Yes!

  1. Ok so the story might be from the US, but as long as the ANIMATION is done in Japan: It's anime. No way every cartoon made in the US that is drawn in a stylised way with huge eyes and tiny mouth is 'Anime'. There MUST be a difference between cartoons and anime – otherwise, where would we draw the line? Disney's 'Snow White'? Looney Tunes? No way. It's gotta be animated in Japan, by Japanese Anime companies.

    My 11 cents.


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