Guitar Projects

I have a couple of guitar projects for this year. One is putting a new pickup and wiring for my Peavey Stratocaster guitar.
It red (which makes it heaps faster then other guitars) – two single coils (neck and mid) and a humbucker at the bridge end. I want to wiring it up so that I can select each single separately and have tone volume for that pair. I will then wire a switch for the HB to allow normal and single coil from to a volume control just for that. Which means I have to learn how to wire and solder switches etc… so that will be fun!

Here is the mess of a guitar after I removed the pick guard for a friend to get another one made – he broke his… so with that as an incentive I chose to do some mods of my own…

And below is what I hope it will turn our like with my new Humbucker and the single coils… sans switch’s and knobs

Wow I have totally messed up this post layout… me thinks I have been playing in DotNetNuke too much at work…
So that was/ is project 1 – Project two is a little more ambitions – My friend Les has bought a guitar blank.. that is a hunk of wood to be cut out in the shape of a guitar…
Exhibit A
As you can see we bought it with the neck pocket cut out, the three HB’s and the bridge – on the back is also a pocket for all the wires and the other ends of the knobs and switches etc… We are hoping to not have to have a pick guard and do something fancy with the wood before putting a proective layer on it…
We are designing out our shape for the guiat based on a couple of different shapes that we like…
I can’t seem to post any more images… maybe something has broken with Blogger…
I’ll try again later and show you an example of the type/style of guitar we want to make.

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