Evil Dreams

Thinking away again to myself

I want it all and nothing else

Changes in my life

Have brought me pain

Have brought me down again

All my life has been this way

With nothing ventured and nothing gained

Waste away in the void

Felt nothing again last night

Felt nothing in the morning light

But then


You opened my eyes,

And took me by the hand

Helped me off of my knees,

And made me a man

Took me down to the sea,

And away from this land

You rescued me from my evil dreams

Waste away in the wild

Lost in my thoughts of torture and horror

All my smiles fade away

Take this away give me hope

A future other than rope

And then

Repeat Chorus


I care for you, you care for me
I can not change nor set you free
I’m holding on, you’re letting go
I’m lost then broken and need to show
As journeys go, this is far from over,

Love sets us free, not lost forever

You’re in my heart, you’ve grown my soul

I’m here now, you’re letting go

Repeat Chorus x2

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