Scared Little People

I’m not really “in” the You Tube world… sure I have posted a few videos of my daughter and my life (including a silly film clip of one of my bands songs!)

However, I do dabble and I like to follow a few creative Vloggers as you have seen from the last post one of them is Charlieissocoollike. Charlie’s “I’m Scared” video has sparked something across You Tube. Many other Vloggers are coming out in support of Charlie and posting about how scared they are and how they worry about what people will think or write about their video.

Charlie’s good friend Michael Aranda posted this reply to him a couple of days ago and I think it is really good advice. We, as humans, always feel worried about what people think about them. We all do, we just deal with them in different ways.

It feels me with great pride as a human to see so many people respond to Charlie in support and to tell the world, they too are scared.

I’m really Scared
Everybody is scared
Re: I’m Scared
For Charlie
For Charlie – the beard’ed one Alwayswheezy
Oh just look at the WHOLE DAMN PAGE of responses… Now that kind of response is scary…

From one person, in a big City (London) reached out with one short video and got so much support and love from all over the world… I think that really answers his fears and speaks of a whole new possibility… maybe we should fear the scared little people?

I’ll leave you with a great “b-side” from The Cure… Scared As You

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