Getting Fit… one lap at a time

Those that know me or follow me on Twitter have been bombarded by my #swimfit tweets. I have been going to the local indoor pool after the kids are in bed in an effort to lose some weight and ring my general fitness up to speed.
I’ve been a fan of swimming for a long time – running puts too much pressure on my knees and the gym is just too much for me. I like the quiet and almost trance like sound of the water and my breathing, and when tired you can move into the recreation area and just float.
However I do struggle with breathing and getting my timing right while swimming freestyle – so I usually end up doing more laps breaststroke but in my mind at least I am doing them.
I have taken some swimsperation from instagram and follow a few official and unofficial swim pages. Ones like this…

I’m never going to win a gold medal, I’m not the fastest at the pool nor the thinnest or best looking – but I know I am giving it a go and getting better very time.
In the end that’s all we can do – my  motto is the only person I need to beat is the one I was last week.

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