The beginning.

So I’ve started this blog. For lots of reasons.

Firstly, our family has relocated interstate away from our family and friends, with our 2 girls, 2 mongrel dogs, old ex-racehorse and pet rat. At first we moved into this crappy old red-brick box (Nothing against red bricks or boxes per say…) sight unseen, because we didn’t know the area, didn’t know anyone here, and I was 38 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby so we couldn’t fly down to hunt for real estate. So we basically just took anything that would let us have pets, and near a train station.

And “anything”‘s exactly what we got.

Not wanting to sound ungrateful or anything, but every time I have to clean this house, with its multi-coloured “every shade of off-white” walls, its “we-got-a-great-deal-on-a-bulk-lot-of-mixed-tiles!” bathroom, and its “Bluetack-should-hold-that-right-on!” appliances, I feel severely ripped off. Also when they take $1700 a month off us for the privilege.

But it’s temporary! We’ve got a little something in the works… a house. A small but cosy house surrounded by trees in the shadow of a mountain. A house with potential. A house which will be rented, but which will allow us to have the farm/homestead lifestyle we’ve dreamed of, but will probably never afford to own outright.

I want to document our new life for my girls. I want to connect with something – anything – because moving to a new area and knowing no one is isolating, especially with a 3 week old baby (she’s 10months now!). I want to connect with the earth. I want to put down roots. To create. To grow things. To slow down. I want nature, and homegrown foods, and community. But I know it’ll probably come with its share of chaos, tears, and hilarity.

Well, It’ll all be here.

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