6 weeks!

We’re on the countdown!!! Yippee!

We’ve been told the current mountain house residents move out on the 1st August – which means moving day is getting closer!

As it’s such a blustery, windy, squall-y day out today, I’ve been inside with the biggest pot of tea you’ve ever seen, my Grass Roots magazines, homesteading books & blogs, and my imagination. Here’s some things I’d like to do in the new place:

  • Honey

I’ve been told a swarm of bees regularly returns to the old shed. I don’t know if they’re native or feral. I know NOTHING about bee keeping. But the whole idea has my imagination going wild!

  • Vegetables & Fruit

We’ve got visions of using recycled windows to make mini green houses, upcycled brick pallets as fences and to grow herbs and strawberries in. There’s already established mandarins, oranges, lemon, lime, grape fruit, pumpkins and tomatoes. Im having visions of berries, zucchinis, beans, peas, spinach, beetroot, caulis…. *oh my*

  • Chickens

There’s already 8 Isa Brown hens and a very handsome rooster of unknown breeding in residence, and whom we will inherit upon moving in. Free range eggs!!! Baby chicks! Meat…???? (Don’t know if I could bring myself to… you know…)

  • Yabbies

Already in residence in the dam!

  • Goat

Firstly for weed control. But maybe milk? Meat? (Again…. *cringe*)

  • Rabbits

Already in residence, and kept in check by fox family (Also already in residence!). Wouldn’t want to mess with the population too much as it might encourage Mr & Mrs Fox to look further afield to feed their babies (ie, our chickens!). However, maybe we can trap(?)/shoot(?)/lure humanely into a pot(?) one every now and again…?

  • Interior decorating

Think open wood fire, patchwork quilts, crochet throws, eclectic recycled furniture, bunting, vintage greens, miss-matched tea cups and dinnerware, huge plaited rugs, and the smell of freshly baked bread. Mmmmmm….

  • An outdoorsy life style for my kids

Digging, swinging, treehouses, sunflower tepee, bonfires, damper, bushwalks, worm farms, strawberry binges, picnics, ponies….

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