What blog? Why blog? How blog?

Its a weird thing, blogging. I find myself with such mixed feelings as I write this. 

What if I can’t write? 
What if it sounds like a wank? 
What if no one reads it? 
*omg* what if SOMEONE READS IT?!
I’m not that interesting. 
Should I make it personal? 
What if it’s TOO personal?
What if I get criticised?
What if I get stalked (pfft – that’s a little up-yourself, don’t ya think?) 
What if I get in trouble with the law? 
What the hell makes me think my blog will be any different from the millions of other ones out there? Or any good?
…no idea.
Here’s what I do know: if you spend your time doing what you’re passionate about, you can’t go wrong. 
Here’s what I love:
My girls: My wild, crazy, kind-hearted-messy haired, lick-the-bowl, dirty-face, snotty-nosed, vanilla-cupcake-smelling girls.
My husband: my warm-hearted, fearless, funny, happy-go-lucky, best friend.
Our menagerie: our 2 mongrels, our arrogant sod of an ex-galloper turned trail horse, our cheeky pet rat.
Books, baking, knitting, creating. Being outside, being warm by the fire, appreciating the small things, reconnecting with nature & the simpler life. Being kind, being real, being honest, taking joy. 
So that’s what I’m going to do. We’re going bush. And I’m gonna write about it. I’m feeling the doubts, but I’m doing it anyway. And I’ll see where this goes. And you can read it if you want. But I’m not writing for you. 
I hope you enjoy it. 

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